this project was set to explore wellness. through our research we found the individual requirements of how much exercise us individuals require per day, which is realistically possible. through gaining audience insight, we concluded that we often develop excuses in our head to avoid exercise. what could be done? with focussing on students, it gave us a stronger reason to use humour, and insults as it is the environment we are surrounded in. finding a balance between a informing a serious issue, and allowing it to be engaging was all done through user testing, speaking to our audience and getting their input. we moderated the language used, and had confirmation none was offensive towards gender and body image. 
get the fit on - (gtfo) is aimed to motivate individuals to exercise through humour. gtfo is a fitness app, which detects the users activity, if un-active, will drop an humours insult, all to aim to get the user moving again. the app also includes simple, effective exercise  method for the individual to be active. for students, the tone of the app is relatable, approachable and humours. 

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