a social enterprise project, to find a issue and pitch our concept through a strategy oriented manner. we formed multi disciplinary groups and established a link between all our major projects - mental health. from there, we concluded to explore the national stigma of mental health for new zealand males. through research, audience insight and speaking to professionals we found ourselves a undervalued topic, of which needs serious actions. 
 check up from the neck up, explores the stigma of mental health for new zealand males, more specifically young males. it is to approach mental health, in a way boys want to learn about it, in a creative matter. something that is not always encouraged, but a trained specialist specified that males learn creatively. we established a programme including training, teacher resources, student journals, and monthly visits will be organised through this programme. there is an initial fee which is organised through the website, this is depended on if schools incorporate this into their budget.  this is a deliverable program specifically for boys in high school to spark the conversation of mental health in form time classrooms, encourage conversation and speak of it confidently. 

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