i based my honours thesis on the stigma of mental health for young arab youth. after my research, and processes i resulted in creating an in-depth publication which is targeted to both arabic parents and youth. alongside this publication, was a journal, a website and hypothetical platform all linked together to bring action to a serious problem. amana designed and handcrafted with love.
amana is a platform focussed for arabic parents and youth to challenge the stigma of mental health. due to a cultural stigma, there is lack in communication of this issue between the youth and parents, due to traditional upbringings. an important matter to address is to educate the parents that mental health should be addressed before getting severe. amana aims to establish a platform for arabic youth to come together, interact, socialise and find their creative outlet. through the form of a tangible product, individuals can leave this platform with a sense of comfort and understanding of self-care.

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